– Admin Login [Authorized] – is the mistyped version of which is the default IP address to gain access to the admin panel of your router. If you use the mistyped to gain access, then it will navigate to an invalid URL. To gain direct access to the admin panel of the router you need to … Read more

Default IP Address of Router

All the people who are using the internet in their office or home face the problem of finding the default IP address for the router which they are using to surf the internet. The router default IP address list will help you in knowing the default Internet Protocol address which is associated with your router … Read more

Recover Router Username and Password

Recover Router Username and Password:-It is a very common mistake done by internet users all around the world that they forget the password and username of the router with the help of which they are using the internet. Recovery router username and password is a very commonly searched concern among internet users who have forgotten … Read more