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IP addresses are used to identify and locate devices on a computer network. One such IP address is, a private IP address reserved for local area networks (LANs). This article will take a closer look at, including what it is, how to log in and configure it, and common issues and troubleshooting steps. … Read more – How to Login Admin Panel? is a free app that aims to make your internet experience faster, safer, and more private. It was developed by Cloudflare, which provides security and performance services to over 25 million internet properties. replaces the connection between your device and the internet with a modern, optimized protocol called WARP, which encrypts more traffic … Read more – Login Admin is the default IP address for several different routers, including Telmex, BT, PlusNet, and AT&T routers. This IP address can change your WiFi password, SSID name, and router settings. If you are having trouble connecting to your WiFi network or changing your router settings, may be the solution that you are looking for. … Read more